Damon and Shari

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Damon and Shari

Postby Damon Kamda » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:51 am

Hi Shari,

Is this better for you?



yes thnk you so much i wish i new the computer better !!!!! Ho are you? hope fine ... i dont no where to begin but ive been checking out all the non duality for about two or three months now i first seen bintinho messaro and was blown away and almost scared i wasnt me then i couldnt get enough ive watched all the buddha at the gas pumps and anything and everything i could watch or read bintinh said im like a junkie with horoine with my seeking and to just llet go i want to i have aha moments then just end up more confused than ever trying to figure this out .....(I ) do know (I) dont no anything every thing (I0 thought was iisnt ow this is all pretty mind blowing .... thank you

ok, great, I'm sure the forum can be a confusing place if you're not too familiar with computers.

so, what do you know of what we do at Liberation Unleashed?

do you have any expectations about this?

yes the forum was pretty confuseing so thanks for the email well as far as i could tell you do pointing or ask questions that will point you in the right direction twards makeing a person see there true nature which isnt who they think they are!!!! to relize your not a seperate being from the one being when i first seen the post on you tube that i found on adviant guarde sagesif i spelt that right? i couldnt belive it i was like wow really !!! someone that will help you too finally
get to where you almost instinctivaly no where your supposed to be this last everything i was reading or looking at or watching was about people wakeing up when i was about 17 years old i smokes a joint and layed back on the lawn stoned looking up at the sky and all the sudden the thought came in who are you ?why are you here/were did you come from?well i started to have a panic attack and thought wow why did i think that and ever sense then well well over 20 years ago ive been searching for the answer!!!! i feel like im real close to it right now im sure its like dorthy on the wizard of oz its always been here i just havnt been able to see it. so my expectations of this i feel liike every thing happens for a reason and if im not me some one here wants to no who they are cause for some reason they forgot ...this is all pretty trippy i also from hereing other peoples awakeing experiance is im not gonna have bells and whistles or fire works i guess i wish i didnt have expectations and it meaning awakeening would just happen imm always disapointed with expectations !!!!! oh and sorry did i mention im not a good typer either lol

Ok, thanks for that- your expectations are not too far off, but let them rest for a moment.

All that I require from you is a couple of things:

- a commitment to see this through, a real desire to find out the truth;
- honesty;
- the willingness to look directly at your experience

Are you ok with that?

Let me know, so we can get started.

Where are you based geographically? I'm in the Netherlands, so I operate from EU timezone.

yes im defenitly ready ill be as honost as i can im iin Grass valley california. its 2:11 n the morning here have no idea what the time diffreance s there or between us . I so appreciate you doing this wth me thank you i really dont know what to do or what to exspect but i feel im pretty down the rabbit hole with all of this and would love to be at peace and to be okay with what is ....im tierd of fghtng and feeling lke i need to change everything!!!! speacially now that i know im not in charge of anything thats almost calming !!!!

It's 11:20 in the morning here, so that's about 9 hours difference. It's good to know that I think.

So, let's dive straight into it, Shari.

Do you exist?

You wrote:

"now that i know im not in charge of anything thats almost calming"

can you explain that in a little more detail? How come you are not in charge of anything?

I guess i said that im not in charge of anything because i just found out im not really here!!! I dont know if i believe that yet tho. part of me from my religious back ground has always heard let go and let god or to have ultimate faith would be that everythings n divine order. that everything happens for a reason but experientionaly i dont no ! i guess that i think it would be calming knowing that theres smething bigger than (me) doing everything ive always read so many law of attractions books saying that if you change your thoughts you change your life then (I) stumble on non duality and hear diffrent.(I) still feel like (I) have to be in charge (I) guess (IM ) questioning all this like i smoke ciggerets and haveng a hard time quiting is it (me) smokeing .Or (I) just lost my job which i hated anyway!!!! but now im broke
am (I) doing this or was it ment to be that i lost my job and cant pay my bills.This is all very confuseing but i want to stop hurting I want to be at peace with what is.
Its 6 28 pm here california time i dont no what time yoou have there but im up thank you for getting backwith me damon cant wait for your response .... thank you

Hi Shari,

The time difference thing is going to mean that there will be some delay between replies, it's nine in the morning here now...

You wrote:

"I guess i said that im not in charge of anything because i just found out im not really here!!!
I dont know if i believe that yet tho. part of me from my religious back ground has always heard let go and let god or to have ultimate faith would be that everythings n divine order. that everything happens for a reason but experientionaly i dont no!"

Shari, I'm not trying to sell you a new belief, please don't belief ANYTHING I suggest, but ruthlessly test it out for yourself. This is not about replacing one set of beliefs with another one, but it is about checking out for yourself, in real life, what the deal actually is.

Are you there?
Is there a you, at all, anywhere, in any form?

Take the event of smoking a cigarette for instance.
How does this work? Is there a you in deciding to smoke a cigarette?
Is a self required in order for ANYTHING to happen?

Don't think about this too much, but test it out in REAL LIFE!

Let me know what you find, or don't find.

Good luck.


I guess I feel like im here.and im definitly not believeing a lot of things i used to believe!!! thats for sure speasially now!!!I heard mooji say yesterday the only reason we seek enlightment is because we have a question or thought that were not enlightened already that made alot of sense to me .where did that thought come from in the first place. if im already that why do i question it
I guess conditioning !!! I see what you mean for not tradeing old beliefs for new ones and i so appreciate you giving me pointers and that your not selling me anything at all but doing this out of the kindness of your heart which is pretty un heard of.I really am questioning everthing i even lay here at night thinking ok if i was dead and didnt wake up where would i go and i think im still here i cant not be here as m eyes are closed.yesterday i had a thought that everytime i think about the past its always a thought in my now no matter what !!!!im starting to relize im always only in my now theres no where else i can be im just shareng radom thoughts im haveing i havnt even got up yet for my day .so everything on your reply hasnt soaked n yet .but i will think about it all!!!
im not quiet sure expereintially-.-if i dont know if im me or if im the one smokeiing or why i smoke when i no there bad for me!! so i will ponder these questions thru out the day could you elaberate more? i guess im hopeing theres a short cut here somewhere and you ask me that one simple question were i have the aha moment i guess i really want a aha moment so yes the questions you asked am i here? i feel like i am! and the ciggaretts i get the craveing and then get up and get one is it me getting up who else could it be the crazy thing is its always just me with everything im never no one else am I? i dont feel like no one else!!---well damon thank you .see i just had the thought am i doing this right is he irratated with me cause i just dont get it or am i not answering the questions right .I hate when i feel like this or think like this .you dont even really know me so why would i think toughts like that or that anyones judgeing me whn i really dont no for sure see my mind runsoff into negitivity and makes me feel bad or am i makeing myself feel bad? well damon thanks ill stop for now seems im going across the board with this now hope your day was excellent i so look forward to your reply thank you shari

Hi Shari,

Thanks for the message. I'm doing great, thanks!

Ok, I'm gonna ask you to do something now. Could you stop reading texts, blogs, websites and watching videos about nonduality, spirituality etc. for the time being. Not that there is anything wrong with people like Mooji and such, but it really would help if you could focus your attention on this for as long as it takes.

Do you think you could pull that off? That would be really helpful. The attitude of looking for answers, that one "magical question" that will trigger an aha-moment, that in itself can be an obstacle to seeing the simple truth: that there is no separation in life, that separation is always only a thought that comes and goes.

I have get on a bicycle and get back home, but I'll adress some of the other questions in your message later today, ok?

Take care,

Ok, back from a ride on the bike.

I'm not going to adress everything you wrote, because not all of it is that relevant to what I'm trying to get you to look at, but by all means, keep writing whatever comes to mind. It can be a very helpful practice in itself to get your thoughts down on 'paper' in order to get a clear view as to what is happening.

If you feel I've missed something important, let me know. Don't feel like your wasting my time or anything- I'll stick with you for as long as it takes. It's my joy and pleasure.

You wrote:

"i dont feel like no one else"

Now that's an interesting observation, isn't it?
That's exactly what we want to zoom in on.

That feeling of being YOU.

Can you locate it?
How does it feel? Where is it experienced and as what?
Is it always there? Does it come and go? When did this first emerge?

In other words: take some quiet time to closely examine this feeling of being YOU.

Let me know what comes up.

Take care,


Hi damon thanks as far as locateing my self. I feel like im right here.
I was thinking maybe i was in my body but than i feel like im everywhere i cant seem to locate myself? I feel alittle nervouse right now i guess by asking myself this question i dont no why ?I guess its always there or im saying im always there than the thought came up im always here or there? unless im not thinking about it?then i just reread what i wrote and i thought whats always there what am refering to ? and why do i use the word it right now while refering to myself?Im feeling alot of nervous tention in my body or maybe my mind is feeling??? or dose my mind even feel.wow such contemplation .feels like alot of nervouse enery while asking these questions!!!!But ill have to say i cant locate my self or say as to where i really am i feel emotions and sensations in diffrent parts of my body specialy my legs but thats not me and i fill seperte from my body!!!!dose it come and go? i guess i never think about that until i do. which i am right now i feel like ive always been cant think of a time when i havnt not been here.
Im feeling confused right now .and frustrated like i opened a can of worms or like is there really an answer to these questions they seem simple enough but im haveing a hard time answering them.well damon thank you i will be thinking upon these questions until my next reply thank you so much hope all is great with you .. thank you so much shari

Ok, back from a ride on the bike.

I'm not going to adress everything you wrote, because not all of it is that relevant to what I'm trying to get you to look at, but by all means, keep writing whatever comes to mind. It can be a very helpful practice in itself to get your thoughts down on 'paper' in order to get a clear view as to what is happenig

Thank you and yes ill take a break from all the reads blogs and videos!!!!! enjoy your bike ride!!!!

Thanks for the reply, Shari.

The nervous energy is perfectly normal, can you accept that energy and just let it be? The organism tends to put up these kinds of defenses when the inquiry gets to deep- try not to get distracted by it to much and use the attention to focus like a laser on the question: is there a me?

"I feel like I am right here"
"which i am right now i feel like ive always been cant think of a time when i havnt not been here"

So what you've identified here is the feeling of "I am", right? This is the simple feeling of being.

A feeling.

Is that feeling what you are?
Is that feeling a self, your self?

Does that feeling control your life, thoughts, emotions?

How does this work?
What is behind that feeling of being?


wow such contemplation.. when i said i feel im right here ..im thinking im not a feeling at all.my body (feels) The thoughts create things for me to feel about or something to react to but im not the feeling or the reaction i do know that!!!!and without my name or story I feel im indescribeable i cant describe whats here without me i feel im on to something i have butterfly feelings in the body and tingles in the head if i am here theres no one else and with out lables ,stories,attachments,feelings,judgements I am indiscribeable but im the only one here? thanks damon i will sit here and ponder this some more!!!

Yes, amazing isn't it? Directly engaging reality.

You're doing great, Shari.

Keep looking.

"with out lables ,stories,attachments,feelings,judgements I am indiscribeable but im the only one here?"

What if I were to suggest to you that without labels, stories, attachments, feeling, judgments there is no YOU at all?

Just this experience, happening all by itself?
Just this?
No you separate from it at all.

What comes up when you take this angle?


Hi damon well i slept on it last night felt so good about everything last night!!!! i woke up this morning back to square one i know im not my feelings but soon as i woke up i started worrying about my bills!!!! being angry over my x boss just flooded with bull shit!!!!! then i read what you wrote and thought okay theres no me at all but im so caught in these paralizeing fn feelings and how am i gonna do this and how am i gonna pay that and why dont i do this im feeling very overwhelmed today i wish i could just let go of it all!!!!!! sorry i no there all lables (BUT MY LIFE SEEMS REAL/ REAL TO ME RIGHT NOW AND ALL THESE FN PROBLEMS) I thought i was gonna wake u this morning feeling i guess enlightned!!!!! but instead im angry and scared and worried and so overwhelmed!!!!! maybe you can give me another pointer.Im even feelng like wow your never gonna get this!!!! like im doing this wrong to ... thanks damon love shari

Hi Shari,

Perhaps it's time to take a look at some of the ideas you might have about awakening or liberation

Awakening from the story of self does not mean that all of a sudden all of your problems are going to vanish, that there will suddenly be no more tough emotions or challenging situations.

This is not about getting away from difficulty, pain and suffering.
Not at all. These are, and will remain, part of the drama of living a human life.

So please don't consider difficult feelings and overwhelming thoughts as a sign that you're never going to get this or you're doing things wrong.

As a matter of fact, you're doing perfect- you're honestly engaging this.

This is about looking directly at what is real, right now.

So in the midst of all this turmoil- all these worries about finances, your ex-boss etc. what is ultimately true? What is really here?

Is there a YOU to whom all of this is happening? A YOU who is the victim of all this?

Is there?

If so, in what way? Where, how?

Can you look at that? Whenever a difficult feeling or thought arises- is there a separation between the arising of that thought or feeling and a YOU?

Can you break down the experience of this very moment into its most elementary pieces?

Let me know how it's going and if anything is unclear or we need to take another angle.

From the heart, my best wishes.


Hi damon, how are you? hope fine i do know that being awakened will not be the end of difficulties .Today was just a hard one ! so i went for an extreamly long walk to think about eveything i guess(I) was reacting to what is,!!!! it is so natural to do that i feel,
like a bad habbit!!!! I am feeling a lot of resistance with in my self to answer any questions !!!! like i have a knot in my stomach and i feel blocked and like anger is ariseing in me all the sudden-almost-like somethings stopping me when i read the questions you reply with I feel anxiety and like im stuck-!!! theres also something- inside me that im makeing this whole thing harder than it is ....I started off by saying i do know-that being awakened will not end diffculties but how would i no im not awakened but maybe i am and just dont know it if theres no me than somethings awakened!!! whos writeig this if im not!!!! sometimes i feel so close but then theres something i cant figure out what it is that stops me..... well im gonna go to bed its almost three in the morning here thanks damon man i wish i would just get this!!!!!!! Original

Hi Shari,

I'm good, thanks. Just put my 2 y.o son to bed so I can enjoy some peace and quiet ;-)

That resistance you mention is very common. I recognize it- it's very familiar to me as well, so don't worry about it.
In fact, it may very well be the key to all of this.

"theres also something- inside me that im makeing this whole thing harder than it is"

Yes! This is so simple that the mind will not accept this.
Don't we just love unsolvable puzzles?

"it if theres no me than somethings awakened!!! whos writeig this if im not!!!!"

Look further into this, there is truth here.
Can you answer this yourself?

If it is really true that there is no you....

"sometimes i feel so close but then theres something i cant figure out what it is that stops me"

It's that resistance that the organism throws up once you start looking too closely at the inner workings of it all. It's a very natural reaction because the organism is perceiving this contemplation as a threat.

Surrender to it.
To that resistance.
Meet it, face-to-face.
Look it deeply in the eyes and communicate with it, as it were.
What is the resistance trying to prevent you from finding out?

You're doing great- keep me posted.

Have a good night!


Hi damon,How are you? yha i had my 4 year old grandson ilo with me hes still here .Ive been pretty busy...I have such a great time with him!!!!He also told me i smelled like ciggerattes so i
havnt had a ciggerrett sense yesterday I was thinking one thing i think stops me- i guess i think if im not here than i have no control of anything if everythings happening anyway then i have nothing to hope for!!!! i was thinking about that on my walk it made me feel kind of sad then i get the idea why cant i be me !!why cant i manifest all my dreams to come true- but then i think without all these dreams and desires I wont have any of the feelings of not getting them??? because ill no everythings happpening with out a me here!!! I still feel very resistant more so than ive been in these last two days i dont why!!! well my daughter just came to pick up ilo so i think ill spend some quite time to think about all this i think im makeing it all more confuseing than it is!!!! I havnt been watching or reading anything on duality or awakening sense you asked me not to..--and sense i have yet to experiance a knowing im thinking about things ive read or watched im still feeling more confused and frustrated ven tho i told you im not what i feel i dont know i guess for now ill be quiet and ponder thanks as always damon- its crazy the resistance im feeling right now. well hope everything great your way 8-)Original Message-----

Hi Shari,

It's not that you have no control of anything.

There is no you.

There is no you to control anything.

You are not powerless- there is no you.

There has NEVER been a you.

There is no you to be you.

"You" is always a story, an idea, a thought, a dream. It is not real.

It's already the case, just look, Shari.


Thanks Damon I still dont feel diffrent but im gonna keep on looking today!!!!! I dreamt last night i had no face and that i found lost items thru out my life like wedding pics with dust on them and old pictures and things that used to belong to me. well im gonna go fo a walk.thank you and have a great day 8-)

Hi damon I know you put it out there that theres no me in are last message..I relize that .. and thats theres never been a me and that im not in contol of anythng!!! but was that the last time you were gonna right me can i get more pointers?? i am looking at it all I still just dont have a grip on it. Im sorry ,well thank you i just hadnt heard back from you.I do really want this so bad thanks love shari

Hi Shari,

Please keep in mind that we're not looking for a specific kind of feeling, or even something out-of-the-ordinary.
We're looking to see what has always already been the case- no separation- no "in here"/"out there", no "me here"/"rest of the world out there".... it's always been like this and will always be like this.

Therefore it's quite easy to miss ;-)

Is it true?

yes the only thing i no for sure is im the awareness being aware!!!:-)i m not thoughts and feelings they come and go but
im always still here always.... Im not old or fat or broke or rich or happy or sad lables or stories or feelings about my reactions to the lables or stories im always here !!!! i am the quietness without a name i am that that just is...

Hi Shari,

"I'm the awareness being aware"
"i am the quietness without a name i am that that just is"

These are profound insights, yes.

Yet, there is something beyond this and that is what I'm inviting you to look at.

What is the I that seems to be awareness itself?

What makes that open, receptive space personal?
What makes that awareness you?
Is it?


Hi Damon, Boy dont i(I) know it (I) couldnt even sleep last night after i wrote that (I) couldnt help but notice (I) still got the (I) going on its attached to everything and (I) know (I) is just a thought thats were (IM) stuck when i think abou it (I) would think if (IM) not here what would (I) call the awareness behind or before the eye (I) thought (I) had it !!! but relized (I )think (IM) still here (I) yawned last night and thought i(I) yawned without thinking about it. so did (I) really yawn or did a yawn ust happen? and dont no what (it )is refering to?(I) went thru so many emotions last night and tried staying with them (I) had alot of fear almost panicing like this is all crazy what did (I) get myself into why did i even start seeking ?(IM) so tired and my head hurts but (i) cant stop so Ill keep on looki ng at the (I) iIt seems (I) put the (I) in front of everything (I) think (I) do or say or feel wow this is just so crazy sometimes for a while after i wrote you last (I) felt a calm come over me like (I) was the awareness but then the dreaded (I) is still there well thanks damon (I) will think about this notice i said think am (I) the one thinking?huh (I) even thought where do my thoughts come frm that (I) do not know they just come (I) do no that when (I) dont react to them or have any judgement on them they leave and another thought comes (I) feel like (I) have control of them ? (I) dont know (iM) just so tired (I) feel like a seeker zombie really thats all i do (I) would like some peace!!!! have a excellent day love shari -

Hi Shari,

A seeker zombie, eh? That doesn't sound too good. Take good care of yourself, ok? No need to rush this. If you need a break, let me know.

Also- it's not about getting rid of the I-thought altogether, or to stop using the word in your use of language.

It's about clearly seeing that there is no actual self, just thoughts of one.

Always only ever thoughts.

"would like some peace!!!!"

Can you experience the peace that is already here- regardless of the circumstances?

Thank you damon, I feel i was really makeing a project out of this I read some other posts on the liberation unleashed and see that everyone pretty much goes thru the same thing i could relate to alot of the posts.I felt pretty comfortable that i was awareness the other night and then when the I came up i questioned it all over again and started feeling anxiety when i questioned where my thoughts were comming from!!!! were they mine? whos thinking them?why even have thoughts got pretty heavy in my thinking.!!!or i guess not my thinking.well im pretty tired gonna get some sleep I dont really remember alot of my dreams..so looking forward to some sleep. are you alowed to share your awakening story or would you share a little bit of it? If not (I) understand. but would love to hear it. thanks i feel a sense of relief with the i -thought i felt how is this possible.any way i want to thank you for takeing your time with me i so appreciate it and look forward to your emails.. love shari Thanks ps do you no what i was talking about the zombie thing even before i got on the liberation unleashed im always looking reading trying to find the clue the fraze the right word for my i guess exspected aha moment i dont no what to exspect!!!! I dont know anything anymore!!!! have a great one thanks love shari

Hi Shari,

The zombie thing?

Yes, I think I can relate to that. That restless, compulsive searching for that one bit of knowledge, that one experience, that one insight that will make everything ok. It's the condition a lot of seekers must be in, for sure, and it can go on for decades, because there is literally nothing, no bit of knowledge, no specific experience nor insight that will satisfy you. There is no you.

Dissatisfaction with what is is the essence of the illusory self. It 'exists' by the grace of that very dissatisfaction.

Concerning my liberation story. Of course I'm allowed to share that, yet I'm doubtful whether this will be of any help to you at this moment. Everyone's entry point is different.

What I can say at this point is that what was most important for me was facing my deepest fears head on. Really allowing those fears to surface and be present, not running away from them by distracting myself. These fears are not the same for everyone. For me it was fear of losing control, of not being able to function as a human being, in relationships, as a father etc. Risking that for the sake of truth is what pushed me over the edge, so to speak.

Shari, when you read these words:

There is no self, no I, no me, no you, no separation at all. Never was, never will be.

If you let in these words and ponder on them, what comes up? What presents itself?

Take care,


hi damon yes Ide definatley say thats one of my fears also. but the more i read or hear that im looking for somethng that i already am or have it frustrates meor the key word is not a me that has it it already is its self without a me!!!! heard an analogy this morning a guy saying he was lookng all over for his cell phone and relized he allready was talking on it he already had it, h was already useing it. i also see to just being with what is /is key it is what it is!!!! m still haveing a hard time with the no me guess old habbitts die hard.!!! listening to you about the loseing control thing i think thats what everybody thinks or goes thru .But do we really have control over anything ?i guess theres no one to have control!!! i wish i would just get the fact theres no me to get it. i find it funny that im believing or seeking or goin for or striveing for .something i havnt experienced yet meaning no me ..just because everyone enlightened is there must be a inner knowing already that the me thing I thing isnt right.well damon thanks will face my fears... and still for some reason try do get rid of something thats not even here or never has been!!! wonder were ever got the idea that there was a me in the first place were dd that idea come about for any of us were looking for something we already have and trying to get rd of something thats never been!!! funny huh? so ass back words !!!! also ithink about my grandkids ages 2-4 is there any way of teaching them or makeing it possible-they learn to love what is or should say continue to love what is....im sure you do that with your child!!!! well ill keep pondering you have a excellent one thanks love shari

Hi Shari,

Let's get some focus here, allright?

I'll repeat this from my last message. Something for you to work with.

There is no self, no I, no me, no you, no separation at all. Never was, never will be.

If you let in these words and ponder on them, what comes up? What presents itself?

Take care.

Hi damon How are you?Hope excellent!! well im just touching base with you that im just staying with these words (i) keep thinking or saying There is no self,no me no you, no seperation ect and trying to stay only in the now with it. havnt came up with any thing just waned you to no im still looking?thanks love shari

Could you describe to me what's happening when you say "I''m still looking"?

Just want to make sure you're on the right track here.

And also keep in mind this is not a mantra of sorts. Repeating "there is no self" on and on again will not do anything in and of itself. You will have to SEE that this is, in fact, the case. Already. It doesn't become true by saying it. It is already so...

Let me know.

Take care.


hi damon just relized im still looking?is thoughts ,all words come within a thought and thoughts are not me me is a thought all words are thoughts i feel like the unknowable known if that makes sense.If im not thoughts then i dont have to feel the judgements of the thoughts because im not the thoughts so the feelings that arise from the judgements of the thoughts arnt real wait i see i wrote i dont have to feel the judjements of the thoughts.....the thoughts dont think who is thinking the thoughts? wow my mind feels clouded right now. im still looking is a thought im not a thought!!! im the one looking at the thought.am i wrong to say im the awareness thats all there is thats all i no right now for sure that somethings aware and it feels like im it yes i could see repeating it was only a thought about there is no self when im looking for a self self is a word and im not a word i cant find my self i feel confused and full of anxiety right now thanks damon

Hi Shari,

"thats all i no right now for sure that somethings aware and it feels like im it"

Look closer. Can you find that something that is aware?

We've never questioned this assumption, that there is someone, some entity, behind all of this, looking, deciding, believing, doing etc.

There is not. No entity. No separation.

"self is a word and im not a word i cant find my self i feel confused and full of anxiety right now"

Yes, self is a word. Just a word. It doesn't refer to a real entity.

Can you look behind the confusion and anxiety?
Is there anything behind it? Anyone?

wow Damon i feel confused im trying to look deeper but nothing maybe im not looking at the right thing!!!! I feel frusrated i will try to look deeper and try and stay with my feelings i wish there was a magic word specially cause everythinig I read says its so obvious or we are already that-why cant i see it? why am I not -getting it if its so obvios thanks damon love shari-

Hi Shari,

"Maybe Im not looking at the right thing!!!"

Well, what is it you are looking at?
What's being seen?

Like we said, there's no magic words, no cosmic download.
Just seeing the nature of what is.

"We are already that"

See, the problem with these kinds of phrases is that, although they do point to a deeper truth, they are actually not helpful at all, on the contrary, they will only help to add more confusion.

Why are you not getting it?

There is no you to get anything, Shari!

Let's get back to the basics and keep this as simple as possible.

Stay with your experience right now- can you find the self?
Look everywhere. Can it be found?


im not here !!!!! no ive never seen my self!!!! or any self its that simple wow!!!!! i dont see anythng!!!!=-Othanks damon ill wait for your next reply love shari


yes: it is that simple.

now look again: is it really true?


hi damon yes it is really true!!!! wow

Ok, so tell me: what happened?

What made you see this?

How are you feeling now?


Hi damon how are you ? well i think when you asked me the other night if i was here . I thought i have no answer for that because i cant see a me at all...I cant say im here at all. and then i was thinking about my thoughts i have no idea were they came from but i no there not me cause theres no me here so that means there just here. and when i belive theres a me and that im thinking these thoughts because i add a lable or a story to them blanketd with emotion that makes it seem like theres a me or my thoughts.i see i put i add a lable or a story meaning with the thoughts and there story or lables and emotons I thoughthey made up a me well maybe im just getting this conceptually i dont no i had a aha peaceful moment it seemed when i thought theres no me i thought really this is it!!!! that simple but maybe im not getting it yet ive been sitting with it ive been feeling anger all day not because of this but with things in my life and i thought well if thres no me why am i attached to this feeling.... so i guess (I) dont have it yet only a knowing of what the answer is !!!!! thanks damon love shari xo

Hi Shari,

An important thing to realize is that seeing the absence of self doesn't mean everything's gonna change right away. Because all that happens is that a belief is seen through- all the rest- decades of conditioning and habitual behaviour will still be firmly in place.

So instead of focusing on the content of your thoughts and experience, I want you to really take some time to explore your experience and tell me:

Is there a you in any way, shape or form?
What is the self, how does it operate?

Let me know!


Hi Damon how are you ive looked everywhere!!!!! and theres no me anywhere!!!!!! and sense im not my thoughts or emotions or stories there is no self unless i attach feelng stories emotions to the me i thought i was but cant because there not real. for some reason im haveing bouts of anger and iriatabilitys comming up then they leave they dont stay but very strong and very real when they arise dont even no were there comming from or why ive also been haveing momentary bouts of peace comming from me ive been real tired and not feelig like i have to do anything kinda like why do anything today ? and my seeking and doing anything has kinda come to a halt feel kinda listless but not feeling much offanything usually im always thinking r panicing that i always have tobe doing something !!!!!but this minute i just dont feel like doing anything kinda f in a slow funk for some reason well thanks damon ill wait for now till i here from you again thanks love shari ..

Hi Shari,

Good to hear from you.

The anger and irritability is very recognizable- the first few weeks after awakening were like that for me. It was as if a lot of old stuff had to express itself. It settled doen over time.

Still, I want to make sure that you're 100% clear on this, and in order to do this, it's helpful to really take a couple of moments to write about what's being experienced.

So could you take some time to answer the following questions:

- Is there a you in any way, shape or form?
- What is the self, how does it operate?
- How does it feel to be liberated?
- How would you explain this to a friend?

Thanks for taking the time.


Hi Damon is there a me in any way shape or form?no absoulutly not!!!!!what is the self and how dose it operate?the self is all there is not belonging to anything seperate it just is it is all there is was or ever will be it just lives...with no attachments with no judjements with no story !!!!! how dose it feel to be liberated????? with tears streaming down the eyes of this body
it feels no diffirent except the knot in my stomach that was always there!!!!! trying to figure out and syfer thru all the fucked up or diffrent emotions to keep this shari at an even keel are gone (crying even more)!!!!! a real sense of freedom sometimes!!!! a sense of peace...sometimes... a sense of anger sometimes but a gut feeling in side of an over whelming excitement been getting tingles in my head like the chills going thru my head ???/ been happening for a week or so now??? and a feeling of nature of being in it mountains rivers lakes flowers just nature... no hurry attutude!( for what )???theres no one to hurry everythings happening the way it is the way it wants to (crying again) almost like this body is cleansing it self almost cant stop!!!! its like a cry when something is bueatifully sad (oxymoron) well thats whats going on here ....I find it amazeing that (Ive) been looking my whole life for something thats never been lost.....(still crying).....ive read people who when libertated laugh this is deffinitly a good cry. What else can i say except im alive just doing what aliveness dose!!!! thanks damon much love (still crying the word love makes me cry everything seems to bring uncontrolable delishous tears) and as always good to hear from you thank you you guys are all so great and giving so much love....;-)

Hi Shari,

Wow, thanks for sharing that.
Seems like the shift has happened for sure.

I'll ask some other guides to take a look at our conversation, if that is allright with you. If they have no more questions, I'll invite you to a facebook group where newly awakened can share experiences and insights- it's a great way to get familiar with a new way of seeing.

We'll keep in touch of course.


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