Arseny and Elena

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Arseny and Elena

Postby Elena » Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:10 am

Nasokin Arseny
Hello, I'm Aljuvialle from forum. Alexandr Nasokin have said me to send direct request to you.

August 5Elena Nezhinsky
Hi, Arseniy! tell me what you see and what is still missing?

August 6Elena Nezhinsky

August 6Nasokin Arseny
I'm sorry for delay. I'll buy internet connection to be free with it
I sit and looking on question. Sometimes answer comes and everything is ok before mind returns. First few moments I look at thoughts, but later focus fixes on their games. So I have to remove all notes I've wrote before and repeat from beginning.

August 6Elena Nezhinsky
" I have to remove all notes I've wrote before and repeat from beginning."

good. I didnt read your notes before, so we will start from this very moment.

"Sometimes answer comes and everything is ok before mind returns."

This implies that there is 2 different experiences. Can be something else outside of Life? Can be one - experience of Life living itself in any particular movement at the moment, and then something that is not Life living itself?

August 7Nasokin Arseny
I don't see anything outside Life. And there can be only experience of Life living itself. Any thought is part of Life.

August 7Nasokin Arseny
but what to do when it tries to substitute experience with thoughts?

August 7Elena Nezhinsky
and thoughts are not an experience?

August 8Nasokin Arseny
/me laughs
Thoughts are experience.
BTW, I have stable network connection since yesterday

August 8Elena Nezhinsky
Do you have an image how awakening should look?

August 8Nasokin Arseny
It looks like to leave everything in peace.

August 8Elena Nezhinsky
So if its not peace then it's not Life living itself? It is something different? Is there difference for Life to leave peace or to leave chaos or struggle? Is there difference for Life to express as a sunny day or a thunderstorm?

August 8Nasokin Arseny
/me laughs again

August 8Elena Nezhinsky
Preference is a habit of the mind - collection of thoughts. Life expresses itself in this habit at the moment. So what?

August 8Nasokin Arseny
Life can live itself in peace or chaos and there is nothing can be done. We can do nothing with just experiencing Life at every particular moment.

August 8Elena Nezhinsky
"We can do nothing with just experiencing Life at every particular moment."

how we can experience life, that implies we and life. Is there anything separate from life? Is there you outside who is experiencing life?

August 8Nasokin Arseny
Yes, there is nothing separated from Life. There's no me outside. But experiencing is… somehow…
It's like my mind trying to turn itself inside out.

August 8Elena Nezhinsky
Mind is. It exists. Its not yours. There is no you.
Look now at this very moment. Do not recall your experience that you had before. It will not serve you now. All seeing is only in this very moment. So look now and tell me is there you sitting in the room or sense of you sitting in the room?
need to go, but you keep looking. The best what i will suggest. Forget your experiences before. As you said when we started - start afresh, as you never hear about this before. As you are a little boy and just so friking curious about what is really going on

August 8Elena Nezhinsky
Arseny, we need to other work here or i will pull out my attention. I left you this message 15 hours ago, and then checked couple of times - no reply. I ned data from you, anything that is going on at this very moment. Then we can go from there. If you do not answer, then how can i point you where to look further? We have big time difference, so please make this priority so we always have something to reply each other. We should keep it burning, otherwise it won't work. This work requires much focus. Dull work will never cut through illusion. Othervise you would be free by this time doing what you were doing before. So see if being free is a priority for you and go for it.

August 9Nasokin Arseny
I'm sorry about this delay. There was hard day.Aanyway, now I have several backup connections and can speak up to 12-1 pm GMT as usual for me.
There is only sense of me sitting on bench. Seeing may tell different like when my leg become senseless.

August 9Nasokin Arseny
I've told nonsense about time. From 5-6 am to 12-1 am.

FridayElena Nezhinsky
I don't care what time is where you are, bc my time is absolutely different. We do not need to be here at the same time. Just write to me every day.

"There is only sense of me sitting on bench."
Sense of me is not me. Is that what you wanted to say?

I need more from you. I don't feel the fire. I need some juice. Or tell me you are done and show me that you are then.

FridayNasokin Arseny
There is no me in every place I look. In sensations, in thoughts, in seeing

FridayElena Nezhinsky
do you exist?

FridayNasokin Arseny
I see that me doesn't exits, but my mind started boiling. It doesn't accept it

FridayElena Nezhinsky
So ask the mind why its boiling. Literary ask. Then shut up, sit quietly and listen. Tell me what you got from the mind.

FridayNasokin Arseny
It says that many usual thoughts are based on "me", and it doesn't understand what to do

FridayElena Nezhinsky
Mind is a thought machine. Like computer. Is it a difference for computer what program now running? Ask mind if there is difference for it what kind of thoughts it running at the moment. And listen quietly.

FridayNasokin Arseny
Computer doesn't recognise difference between programs or instructions to execute.

There no difference for mind what kind of thoughts are running at the moment. It asks about past and relations

FridayElena Nezhinsky
Is there you in any shape or form in the reality?

FridayNasokin Arseny
There some noise in mind without any word.
Everything I called "me" before was just thoughts. There is no me everywhere I look or wait if "me" shows somehow.

FridayElena Nezhinsky
Mind always will have some noise. Its his property - to run thoughts, images, like computer. Sometimes, just like computer it will be idle. Some are expecting mind to be idle all the time, they have this image of awakening that is not true. Computer that is idle all the time is not a computer anymore - its a piece of metal that doesnt do its job. So is with mind. Mind machine run thoughts. Its like body machine run blood.

Ok, you can look if it "me" shows up. The best is to go for a walk and just look plainly, like a child would look, who went for a walk

And i go to sleep. You walk. Write to me after.

Tell me how does it feel to be liberated?

From what?

FridayElena Nezhinsky

FridayNasokin Arseny
It doesn't feel in any way.
I look carefully as I can during day.
I haven't find anything that can. E answer.
* can be answer
I've found experience how body and mind work together, how Life happens

FridayNasokin Arseny
I'm going to sleep.

FridayElena Nezhinsky
Tell me what feelings there?

SaturdayNasokin Arseny
Like there is nothing between objects. Mind has no scare like before.
* mind doesn't scare like before.

SaturdayElena Nezhinsky
Feeling. Access any feeling that is present. Any gratefulness or sadness or joy. What's there? And good about the mind!

23 hours agoNasokin Arseny
Peace, joy, contemplation of thoughts. All thoughts are about past or possible nearby future. It is unusual for me to notice about.

16 hours agoElena Nezhinsky
Any doubt remaining, Arseny? And look back on your work here or on the forum, look what hit you home? What was the most influential for
you to see and relax?

10 hours agoNasokin Arseny
Elena, There are no doubts remaining. The most influential thing was moment when I've completely changed my usual way to think(it was about Friday morning/Tuesday night). There are many things had been changed in my life last three days.

9 hours agoElena Nezhinsky
Or honey, I so glad to hear! Can you tell me what made you change that way of thinking? Look at our conversation here around that time and let me know! This helps us to see what is working. And I so loved working with you, Arseniy! And say hi to Alexandr! I love you both!

9 hours agoNasokin Arseny
Walking and just looking plainly was meditation I've seen many years before but understood only three days ago.

8 hours agoElena Nezhinsky
Describe what you understood

8 hours agoNasokin Arseny
Thank you! I can't change thoughts while think about change.

8 hours agoElena Nezhinsky
And what it did for you, this understanding?

8 hours agoNasokin Arseny
I shouldn't concentrate on anything while walking but just look

8 hours agoElena Nezhinsky
And what you saw?

8 hours agoNasokin Arseny
I've understood only after I've done it. I've seen everything working together alone. Without "me" in thoughts too. Everything just happens and it's so beautiful!

8 hours agoElena Nezhinsky
Tell me if "me" come back to thoughts, will it change your realization?

8 hours agoNasokin Arseny
It's so simple, that Life doesn't contain "me" and happens every moment.
No, it will not. I can use it to say something practical.

6 hours agoElena Nezhinsky
Thank you for your answers. Pls look up my last question!

44 minutes agoNasokin Arseny
"me" is good and short practical way to say about body, sensations, mind state, etc.
But not more!
I look and can't find way how "me" returns as separate object or at least place for it.

28 minutes agoElena Nezhinsky
Ok, dear. I think I will release you from grilling I am very happy for you. Please let me know if yo would be interested to help point others to this realization. In English or Russian. I will add you to couple of useful groups too, if yo want you can participate. Much love to you!

12 minutes agoNasokin Arseny
Thank you! Yes, I want to participate a bit later in English and in Russian.

2 seconds agoElena Nezhinsky

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