how do i get started with seeing the truth??

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how do i get started with seeing the truth??

Postby Nick » Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:41 pm

dialog took place on facebook, Liberation Unleashed Gate group -

Elena start with this question: "WHat is "I" for me? When i say "I" where it refers too?" Look for that I and see what it is. Come back here and let us know. Somebody will help to guide your mind further in inquiry.
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Nick Hi Rohit. Welcome. I can help you. Please start with elena's question, take your time and jot some answers and we'll go from there.
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Rohit i according to me are the thoughts....i is not needs something to rely on.
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Nick Ok, "I" is a thought. You say it needs to rely on something. What does it rely on? A body? A brain? "consciousness"? A soul or essence? God? Sometimes people can trick themselves, dismissing the self or I, but really they have only abandoned the words or concepts, and have established an identity somewhere else. It's a trick. Keep looking for the source or base of your I and report what you find.
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Rohit I refers to my total being,that is my body,my mind,my thoughts,brain,consciousness,soul etc.maybe it has no separate identity.i has to be something for its existence.maybe it cannot exist independently.
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Nick Ok. Lets look closer at the "my" aspect of this statement. We'll start with your first statement. You say "my body" is part of it. So what if you lose both arms and legs? Is your "self" affected? Where is the boundary of "your" body? Is it the skin? Really think, look, and see how silly this is. What about when you are asleep and dreaming? Isn't that still "you", without a body?
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Rohit True.this "i" itself is another thought.while sleeping and dreaming..the body,sleep,dream,mind everything continues to be as it is without this sense of iness attached to it.this sense of iness comes and goes just like all the other thoughts,feelings and senses.The self is not affected even when the hands and leg are lost.There is no boundary of "my" body,it is this iamness that creates the boundary.
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Rohit NO..Rohit does not exist but everything else does.that is this labelling of "i as rohit or rohit as i",this sense of iness does not.
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Nick When you type out "Rohit does not exist..." - what is happening? Who is typing that? When that statement is made "I do not exist", what comes up? Describe the emotion. What does that mean to the rest of "your" life?
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Rohit when i say "rohit does not exist..",there are feelings and thoughts about this "iness".
The feeling that someone or something cannot be relied on.its like defense mechanism wanting to protect something.but this things are just happening.there is no rohit/i/me attached to it.neither is the sense of " i".the life just goes just keeps going.there is no one or no thing to govern just is.
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Nick feelings and thoughts about this 'iness' - lets look there.
July 3 at 10:36am · Like

there are thoughts about I. What is special about this thought? You can think about a unicorn, too, all day if you want. But its just a thought. The unicorn doesn't exist for real. Same with I. There are thoughts - I, me, mine, self. But tr...See More
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Rohit yes!yes it is simple.just as every other thought"iness" is a thought too.
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Nick are you in control of these thoughts?
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Rohit no..there is no control over the thoughts.they just are.they arise and subside of their own.
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Nick the I is a thought. can a thought think?
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Rohit "i" is just a tag.thought as a tag or a doer is not required to think.they just go on.
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Nick can you find a center? some entity that is experiencing the thoughts? when you move the eyes and look around, WHO or WHAT is seeing the objects?
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Rohit there is no "i" or any separate identity to experience the thoughts.the thoughts are just happening.when i move my eyes and look around,its just center.there is just this awareness or maybe "i am" or beingness present.its silent,peaceful but attaches itself to just is.
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Nick Is there a self right now in any way, shape or form? How is this different from before?
July 4 at 1:02am · Edited · Like

Rohit no,self is just a tag.before everything was attached with this tag of i/me/ its like all the chains of deception are shattered.everything is happening just the way it has to without any thing/no one to claim it.THANK YOU :)
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Nick I'd like to ask a few questions. Please take your time and answer them at length. Write as much as you like. Use multiple posts.
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Nick Was there ever a self?
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Nick How does it feel to see this?
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Nick What is this thought we call "self", how was this illusion created? Please describe in detail.
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Nick How would you describe this new understanding to a friend who has never heard of this stuff?
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Nick What was it that finally pushed you over the edge? What made you see the truth?
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Rohit What was it that finally pushed you over the edge? What made you see the truth?
Was there ever a self?
July 5 at 1:46am · Like

Hello Nick.first of all,the answers that i gave you in the earlier posts were not so honest.
i did not look with honesty.all i did was "i" thought.maybe i wanted to add another label to the list of beliefs i.e.
"i am liberated".but thanks ...See More
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Rohit how does it feel to see this?
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Rohit there are feelings of happiness,peace and lots of love.feelings are but no "me" to see this.
happiness is,peace is,love is..."me" is can be described in many ways..but doing so is of no use.
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Rohit What is this thought we call "self", how was this illusion created?
July 5 at 1:47am · Like

‎"Self" is just a is a mind made has tricked us until now.our obsession with the lie has kept us from seeing the truth.
this illusion is created from the beliefs that we have been feeded with,from childhood onwards.we a...See More
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Rohit How would you describe this new understanding to a friend who has never heard of this stuff?
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Rohit step 1:honesty from his side
step 2:what does i mean to him?
step 3:what are thoughts,feelings,emotions,sensations?who experiences this??where do they originate from?
who controls it?
step 4:no place for distractions,simply looking
step 5:there can be no particular is necessary to be in the flow.
step 6:i will ask you for the guidelines:)
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Nick Dude, that was beautiful!
July 5 at 10:18pm · Like

Nick I need to show this to a few people, and then I think we're done. Do you have any quesitons, doubts, issues, anything?
July 5 at 10:19pm · Like

Nick I just have have one question for you since I'm fairly new to guiding. Was there anything that sticks out in particular in this conversation that helped you to look?
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Elena Nick , I read. Congrats both !
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Rohit first of all thank you very much are a great guide.thank you elena,kari and andrei for your angelic support.
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Rohit nick what actually helped was the last two questions i.e"How would you describe this new understanding to a friend who has never heard of this stuff? What was it that finally pushed you over the edge? What made you see the truth?".this questions forced me to look.they really helped me.
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Nick You did it all Rohit. This is just the beginning of REAL life as you will see over the next days/weeks/months. I will add you to our private facebook group 'Unleashed'. This is an aftercare group for the liberated where you can meet new friends, ask questions, get support, and share ideas.
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Nick If you would like to participate in the 'Liberation Unleashed Gate' forum site, just let me or someone else know. You can register on the site and an admin can set you up as a "blue" member (liberated), instead of the default "green" (newbie).
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Rohit i will like to ask you one more question.yesterday i was explaining all this things to my mom.but she was not ready to let go the beliefs she had.she thinks there are two self,the real i and the false i.i asked her to show me where was this " i".after that she stopped talking to how should i make her believe that there are no type of i's?she is not ready to look.
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Nick I think you will find that your family and friends will not be easily convinced of this truth, unless they have some interest in it already. For someone like you rohit, my guiding is quite easy. After all, you came to me! You already had investigated your 'self' and were in a state of doubt, ready to look. So it only takes a little help.
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Nick Most people don't want to see this or they aren't ready, and that's totally ok. Don't try to force it or be like a proselytizer, this will only alienate those you are trying to help.
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Rohit are right.
July 6 at 12:51am · Like

Rohit what time is it in ohio?
July 6 at 12:51am · Like

You have seen the truth and this is so special, truly a great thing! Now you have your whole life to continue seeing, there's much more to come as this understanding unfolds, trust me. Let your mother see your happiness, treat her with even...See More
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Nick Right now in Ohio it is 12:56 am. Its GMT -5. Almost time for sleep. It must be very early morning in Mumbai?
July 6 at 12:56am · Like

Rohit haha.yes its 10.26 am.sorry to keep you waking.will get back to you later.thank you once again.:)
July 6 at 12:58am · Like

Nick Its a pleasure to chat with you, message me anytime.
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Elena Add Rohit to Unleashed, Nick !
July 6 at 1:17am · Like

Elena Rohit , let us know if you want to help others like Nick Fetko helped you, helping focusing inner inquiry. We call it Direct Pointing.
July 6 at 1:18am · Like

Rohit Hi Elena.I am absolutely ready to help others to see it.there is nothing more important than to be free.i am grateful.thank you:)
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Elena Great! I am so glad to hear it. Not everybody has this volition to serve others. And even though its ok to, movement of the heart to help others to see evokes my utter appreciation ♥
July 6 at 1:24am · Like · 1

Elena Nick , add him to LU Central as well, and make a little tour of the documents, please
July 6 at 1:25am · Like

Nick Ok rohit you are added also to the group LU central which is a group for those interested in guiding to discuss what's going on, show their "clients" to others for confirmation etc. If you click on the 'files' tab at the top under the photos, there are a number of documents that may be helpful to you. Let me know what else you need!
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Nick If you look under files at 'Unleashed', there are several useful documents. Check out "Post-Gate Hints" by Mihai. Under the files on 'LU Central' are some lists which you can edit, add yourself to "Active liberators/those who want to learn" list if/when you want to get started. The rest are documents on "how-to" guide others.
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Nick also, make sure to check out the free ebook "Gateless Gatecrashers" if you haven't already. It includes full dialogs of 21 liberations.
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Nick you're gonna have more questions, insights, issues, etc. Bring em to "Unleashed" group on FB, people there will love to hear from you :)

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