nonaparry and sozos

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nonaparry and sozos

Postby nonaparry » Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:21 pm

Hello sozos. Welcome to Liberation Unleashed! Are you working with anyone yet?sozos

sozos Hi Nona, I'm not yet, unless I'm working withShae Matthews.

sozos It seems I don't have anyone I'm working with nonaparry How do we start?

Hi sozos. As you're in Australia, and I'm in New Zealand, we don't have too great a time difference.
Here are the ground rules:
Our purpose is to guide you to see through the illusion of self.
This is not a group for discussing spiritual concepts and/or sharing pearls of wisdom.
1. Your complete and total honesty.
2. Your personal responsibility in engaging fully.
If you don't feel comfortable to engage 100% here on facebook, please come over to and open a thread there.
Let me know you're ready and we'll begin. :-)

The Gate • Index page

sozos I'm ready!

nonaparry Great! What thoughts, emotions, images, physical reactions come up when I tell you There is no 'you', no separate individual self, at all?

sozos Thoughts: I know I am part of all that is, and my ego is just a shell for part of all of consciousness. Emotions: Kind of a feeling of agreement & acceptance. Images of me being part of the whole. Not individually separated. Not really any physical reaction.

nonaparry Who/what is the "I" you refer to? Who/what is the "me"?

sozos me is the ego, sozos and I am is my spirit/the observer of all things

sozos ha, i said 'my' spirit, I guess I have an ego labeled spirit too

sozos I meant to write I am is the spirit, not 'my' spirit as such

nonaparry Where is this ego located? Close your eyes, and point to the ego with the finger of your hand. Then open your eyes and look where the finger points; tell me what you see.

sozos interesting, did not point anywhere

nonaparry Good noticing.
Who/what is this "I am"?

sozos perhaps this experience is the ego?

sozos the observer of the thoughts

nonaparry Is it? Check it! Is experience ego? or is it just experience?

sozos the background

nonaparry And who/what is observing the observer?

sozos perhaps memory is ego

sozos that would be consiousness

sozos consious of itself

nonaparry Point to consciousness and tell me what you are pointing to.

nonaparry Point to memory.

nonaparry Point to ego.

nonaparry What are you pointing to?

sozos none physical

sozos can't point to it with hands?

sozos ‎*or fingers even

sozos perhaps I can point with words to an idea

nonaparry Don't guess; tell me what you know or what you believe.

nonaparry What is sozos?

sozos a belief structure

nonaparry Good. How does this belief structure come to be? How does it operate?

sozos From many years of learning, creating new neural networks and connections. It works by filtering information in a certain way that creates this world I'm living in that I(sozos) calls reality.

nonaparry Who/what is filtering?

sozos the mind?

sozos brain cells?

nonaparry Don't guess. Tell me what you know.

sozos Ah I see. The ego structure does the filtering.

nonaparry And where is the ego structure? Point to it, please.

sozos I can't

nonaparry Why not?

sozos I think it is my body

nonaparry The ego structure is the body?

sozos Yes that is what my thoughts seem to point to. The body trapping some consiousness inside itself and thus creating an ego structure using the physical brain and physical mind

nonaparry Where in the body does this ego structure reside?

sozos I believe the brain

nonaparry The ego structure resides in the brain?

sozos I believe everything is made up of consiousness, but the self aware consiciousness in my body makes up my physicalness and ego structure

nonaparry Does the self aware consciousness reside in the brain?

sozos I'm not sure

sozos I know at a deep level I am just being, and that is all I am

nonaparry Okay.

nonaparry Is sozos a separate being in charge of some portion of life? Or is he an expression of life living itself?

sozos I know I'm living in an illusion, a story.

sozos the later

nonaparry Who is this "I"? How does it live the story?

sozos the I, I mention is the ego aware of itself as a limited illusion

nonaparry Is there a separate ego running the sozos show?

sozos I guess just exisiting is living the story.. as time passes

sozos I think there is a balance between ego and spirit(or beingness) sometimes the ego is in the driver seat and sometimes the spirit

sozos though I've fairly convinced the ego never really had any choice, just the illusion of choice

sozos ‎*had = has

nonaparry I have never seen an ego or a spirit; I cannot locate one. Please show me an ego or spirit that is running the sozos show.

nonaparry Is there really a driver?

sozos interesting

sozos I don't know if there is a driver, exactly. there is a flow zone where things become easier or harder.

nonaparry Better. Is the idea of a driver anything more than a thought?

sozos no

nonaparry Excellent.

nonaparry Is ego anything more than a thought? Is spirit? Is sozos?

sozos Thanks :)

sozos All just thoughts and ideas

nonaparry Yes.

nonaparry You say "my" body. Let's look at ownership.

sozos I feel like it is sinking into me right now. I've known this for a while but I guess partly denied it or didn't pay much attention to it

sozos sure

nonaparry A cup is on the table. Is it "a" cup or "my" cup?

sozos I know its a cup but I often say 'my' cup as an expression, I know I don't own anything. Infact I really want to get rid of virtually everything in the house as I don't use 90% of the stuff.

nonaparry A body or my body?

sozos I must be attached to the body I operate as I call it 'my' body most of the time

nonaparry Yes. And is there anything that makes it more 'yours' than the cup??

sozos I feel a much stronger relationship with the body than the cup as It has been with me for many 'years'

sozos And I didn't answer your question. The answer is no

nonaparry Is ownership any more real than ego? than spirit? Is it more than a thought?

sozos Nope

nonaparry So what other than a thought is the story of sozos? Take time to consider this.

sozos images and memorys emotions are all thoughts too?

sozos if so the answer is nothing more than a thought

nonaparry Check it. Locate that sozos which is not a thought.

sozos A feeling

nonaparry Good. What is a feeling?

sozos feeling is a sensation

nonaparry Got any self today?

sozos less than yesterday, if that is possible

sozos woke up and did about 20mintues of meditation :)

nonaparry So, what purpose does this self serve? How does it operate in the sozos story?

sozos I don't even know what self we're talking about lol

nonaparry Who/what is the "I" that doesn't know what "we" are talking about?

sozos A thought form

nonaparry And what is its purpose/function?

sozos to understand

nonaparry The "I" understands?

sozos I guess not lol

nonaparry ‎:-D

nonaparry This isn't a quiz; there are no wrong answers. There is an investigation of the belief in an "I", a "me".

sozos This is really interesting stuff. Do you usually look at history at all? As I've experienced ego death before so I know exactly what we're getting at...I looked at "my" self in the mirror and it was like I was seeing the reflect of "sozos" for the first time

nonaparry No history; it's only a story of a past.

sozos It was amazing, best experience so far

sozos true, since all there is, is here and now

nonaparry In this here and now, is there anything other than life living itself?

sozos nope

nonaparry How does functioning come about? Breathing? Typing? Reading? Interaction?

sozos so this practice is aimed at making sure "we" don't let the ego attach to anything each day, basically?

nonaparry There is no ego outside of a thought.

sozos it just comes from the flow of the universe, consciousness itself

nonaparry No ego; no spirit; no I; no self.

sozos awesome

nonaparry Yes. Life living itself, noticing itself living.

nonaparry LOOK. You can SEE this if you check carefully.

nonaparry LOOK at how sozos is said to function in life. Is he actually DOing any of it? Check it.

nonaparry Does sozos do breathing? walking? typing? reading? washing dishes?

nonaparry Does any part of sozos's life require an "I"?

sozos nope

nonaparry Check carefully!

sozos communicating with others effectively requires an I in this society

nonaparry So where does the thought, the belief, "I", come from?

sozos well doesn't require, but is a useful tool

nonaparry ‎"communicating with others effectively requires an I in this society" Oh really??? Without an I, is communication not happening?

nonaparry What about communication is served by an "I"?

sozos for instance "I'm going to the shops to buy some bread"

sozos or are you saying I could use the word "sozos" instead

nonaparry Who/what is the "I" you reference here? The body?

nonaparry I'm saying nothing; I'm asking questions. ;-)

nonaparry What is the "I" that goes for bread?

nonaparry Describe it fully!

sozos Oh I was using it as an example of how to communicate to someone that sozos is going down the shops.

nonaparry Tell me about this "I".

nonaparry Is there an agent required for Life to engage in bread-buying?

nonaparry Does bread get purchased without an I?

nonaparry Please note, sozos is communicating with a projection that has no "I".

sozos oh that is right, everything is a projection... so easy to forget

nonaparry Not if you SEE it.

nonaparry Check carefully. "sozos" is a label that points to thoughts of memories and experiences.

sozos indeed

nonaparry Is a label able to buy bread?

sozos no

nonaparry So what actually happens when bread is desired?

sozos life experiences itself buying bread then taking it to a place to eat

nonaparry Indeed. And where is sozos in this equation?

sozos just a thought that might pass by

sozos e.g. nowhere

nonaparry Let's go back to the ego structure. What is it? What connection does it have with sozos?

sozos It is the filtering system for humans on earth

sozos no connection to sozos

nonaparry Does sozos have a Self, an I, that chooses, directs, controls, inhabits, or otherwise affects his experience of life?

sozos Nope

nonaparry Going back to feelings/sensations. Whose feelings/sensations are they?

sozos noones

nonaparry So how are they experienced by sozos?

sozos Ah, through the ego structure, the filtering system of consciousness

nonaparry Show me the ego structure. Point to it; describe it fully. Is it outside of sozos or inside?

sozos Inside. I cannot point to it

nonaparry When the surgeon opens you up, where will he find this ego structure?

sozos hmmm I guess its not inside or outside

nonaparry Good guess. Where/what is it then? Is it real?

sozos a thought, an idea

sozos is anything real? lol

nonaparry Let me leave you with the question Where do thoughts come from?

sozos Thoughts come from the space inbetween thoughts, the void

nonaparry Can you control your thoughts? Choose which ones you think, change your thoughts, drop a thought? Is there a thinker at all?

sozos I can attach and unattach to thoughts

nonaparry Can you really?? How do you do that? Is it deliberate? Do you have control?

sozos when a thought goes by, if I give it attention and focus it stays around, however if I don't give it any energy it keeps going like a cloud

nonaparry That's very different from Control.

nonaparry That's focus.

sozos yes so the answer is no, i don't have control over them

nonaparry Good. Do you control what you focus on? Or does focus simply happen without your input?

sozos no i don't have control over my focus, unconscious mind is the one in control

nonaparry Who or what is unconscious mind? How does it Control?

nonaparry Please answer only with what you know.

sozos learnt patterns over many years of conditioning

nonaparry A story of a past.

sozos in that sense it still doesn't have control, it just reacts

sozos yes

nonaparry Good.
Now I want you to look at the fact that events happen in your experience, and then "I" claims responsibility for them.

sozos yes the "I" is taught to take responsibility for what happens

nonaparry Spend some time as you go about your day noticing how life lives itself and Then, AFTERward, mind attaches an "I" to the events.

nonaparry Tell me about 3 instances in which life is merely living itself, yet mind claims that "I" is responsible.

nonaparry Take your time.

sozos When food is cooking itself and "I" claim to of cooked dinner afterwards

sozos When "I" run a bath, the bath is running itself and water moving on its own and "I" claim responsibilty for it too

sozos When "I" cut myself and the skin heals on its own "I" claim to of healed up

sozos ‎*by accident ;)

nonaparry Good. Is there any "you" In Control of your life?

sozos no

sozos May I ask you a question about something interesting that happened last night in my story?

nonaparry You may. I don't promise to answer it.

sozos I was playing a video game, online and I was doing very badly. The players in the game. Being projections of me, were telling me to quit the game. I thought about it for a moment. Perhaps they were parts of me trying to help me to break a wasteful habit of gamming each night. So I quit the game and deleted it. No more gamming online for me. My question is, do we often have projections of ourselves telling us useful advice that we often ignore?

nonaparry Everything we experience is a projection. Everything.
There are no other players.
There is no wasteful habit.
There is only what you do and what you tell you about it.
All advice you give is for you to hear.
It doesn't matter whether you take that advice or not.

sozos Great response!

sozos Am "I" talking to myself?

sozos you already answered it

nonaparry Yes. We are ALL "you".

sozos Morning nonaparry I had the most fantastic lucid dream this morning. I met some inter-dimensional aliens :)

nonaparry Did you happen to notice whether the aliens were separate from Life living itself?

sozos Everyone was connected

sozos ‎*or is

nonaparry How do experiences occur in the story of sozos? Does sozos dream, wake, walk, talk, eat, sing, breathe, read, type?

sozos There is no sozos other than the thought or idea of him

sozos Just experienced sitting in a park for around one hour. Wonderful to watch life living itself

nonaparry What was noticed about the experience? Sensation of thighs and ass on a support? Air sliding in and out of nose and chest? Images falling on eyes and data processed as perception?

And Who or What was "watching"? Be precise.

nonaparry Do you feel complete, sozos? Are we finished?

sozos Hhahaha I've felt complete for our whole interaction. I don't know if that means we're finished?

nonaparry You could answer the questions I've posed. Or you could answer the confirmation questions. Or you could wander off and not connect with us any more.

nonaparry If you are ready, the confirmation questions are these:
1) Is there a 'me', at all, anywhere, in any way, shape or form? Was there ever?

2) Explain in detail what the illusion of separate self is, when it starts and how it works.

3) How does it feel to see this?

4) How would you describe it to somebody who is very interested, but has never heard about this illusion.

5) What was the last bit that pushed you over, made you look?

sozos ‎1. There has never been a "me" or "self" just the thought and idea or illusion of one.

sozos ‎2. The illusion of the separate self is just that. An illusion that we are separate from everything else.
3. It feels good to see this. A sense of peace with the universe.

4. I'd tell them to watch the movie the matrix. Or ask them some questions such as "Who are you if you are not your name or anything you do?"

5. Everything you said helped me look a bit harder. That being said I think "anybody" can only really have one self realization as long as they don't forget the experience or what it means to see the truth. I saw the illusion and oneness with everything in 2010 and have known about it since then. Though it is sometimes easy to forget and believe we are separate beings and not connected to anything else at times. Just asking myself some of these questions you gave me each day will keep the self from forgetting the truth. Cheers!

nonaparry It is the impression here that you have an intellectual understanding of no self, but that you didn't SEE it, at least not here.
It can take rather a lot of question and answer to provoke one to stop Thinking and actually LOOK.

Do you wish to answer my previous questions about physical sensation and the watcher?

nonaparry Last night it occurred to me that if you saw the illusion back in 2010 that (a) of course you wouldn't 'pop' now, and (b) you might want to join the forum and post in the Home section (for those who come to LU already having seen through the illusion of self). You would still be asked the confirmation questions, but you wouldn't have been expected to answer days of lead-in.

Re the confirmation questions, you didn't explain 'in detail' the illusion, when it starts and how it works. Perhaps you thought that because I "already know", you didn't need to explain thoroughly. "It feels good to see this" is a bit weak in comparison to how most Liberated feel on seeing it, and if watching The Matrix awakens us to the illusion, I would expect heaps more Liberated running around.
I'm glad that what I asked had you look harder, and hope you will continue looking.

I also notice that I failed to ask what you expected, hoped for, wished for in coming to LU Facebook Gate. I apologise and hope you will continue to pursue freedom, either here or in the Forum.

sozos There was one specific section of the matrix that I thought really could help awaken or at least get people questioning what is real:

Neo: Right now we're inside a computer program?
Morpheus: Is it really so hard to believe? Your clothes are different. The plugs in your arms and head are gone. Your hair is changed. Your appearance now is what we call residual self image. It is the mental projection of your digital self.
Neo: This...this isn't real?
Morpheus: What is real. How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Ok so back to the illusion of self. When it starts is when you(or I) start to believe that the name society calls us is the true self and start attaching things/places/people/events/time everything to this self and building it up and up.

Instead of, "It feels good to see this". "It is a miracle to be alive each day and feel the power of being instead of thinking" My first awakening in 2010 was and still to this day in my story is the most amazing experience "I" have ever had. I was in a state of non-stop joy peace and love for over 5 hours before the sozos started to re-emerge.

I didn't have any expectations when I came here so you didn't in any way shape or form. But as you mentioned this is most likely the reason I didn't "pop" again as I already have and am still learning to integrate everything. I think it was a little frustrating knowing what you were trying to get me to do when it'd already happened before. I will check out the forum and stay in touch with you if possible. I'd love to share experiences with you of wakefulness. Cheers, sozos!

nonaparry Thanks for your reply, sozos! What is so exciting about SEEing through the illusion instead of Thinking through it is that once it's been SEEN, it can never be unseen! Like discovering there is no Santa; we just don't ever go back to believing in one.

I'm sorry if my questions created any frustration; please be ultra honest when you answer anyone in any of the LU groups or the forum — it can save a lot of frustration to just say "I've been there, done that" :-)

sozos Indeed. Thanks for your help. Perhaps we could exchange experiences via PM if your not too busy. I have not heard many peoples awakening stories. One or two and they always fascinate me immensely!

nonaparry Have you read Gateless Gatecrashers??

sozos nope

nonaparry Here is the link where you can find the pdf.

Liberation Unleashed - Gateless Gatecrashers - 21 Awakenings
liberationunleashed.comLiberation Unleashed, books about the direct pointing method, the gate and guest articles concerning awakening

nonaparry This book is a compilation of Ilona and Elena's guiding. Good stuff!!

sozos So back to getting on with life hey... lol I am interested in helping people look also

nonaparry In order to guide, you will need to have your answers to the confirmation questions confirmed by other guides. I'm not able to confirm based on what you've written; you could answer in greater detail, or answer the questions from the perspective of back when you first saw through the illusion, or you can go onto the forum in the Home section and be vetted there.
I'm not saying you *haven't* seen; just that it's not glaringly obvious. We do ask for Glaring Obviousness.

Because I didn't answer the confirmation questions in my FB thread, Ilona had me answer them several days later before I could be confirmed. 'Popping' is not enough, no matter how much hilarity it produces!! :-)
It's simple, so if you want to guide I recommend you give the questions another go. Answer like you're explaining to a child.

sozos ‎1) Is there a 'me', at all, anywhere, in any way, shape or form? Was there ever?

There has never been a "me" or "self" just the thought and idea of one.

2) Explain in detail what the illusion of separate self is, when it starts and how it works.

The illusion of self is the idea that we are a single individual that is not connected to everything else. That a self such as "sozos" exists in reality. It starts when we are old enough to start associating ideas and thoughts about myself, I & my name. It works by attaching labels to things/places/people etc.

3) How does it feel to see this?

Truly indescribable. As near as I can get with words: Liberating. Amazing. Joyful. Peaceful. Connecting. Weightlessness. Lightening. Enlightening even.

4) How would you describe it to somebody who is very interested, but has never heard about this illusion.

If I told you to look for a ghost and the "I" in your room you would know the ghost isn't real and you wouldn't look. But you'd continue looking for your "I". What if you can't locate the "I"?

5) What was the last bit that pushed you over, made you look?

Truthfully This happened in 2010 when I took a Hallucinogen. Then as a symbol of stripping my sense of self I took off all my cloths except underwear and in that act totally saw through the illusion of self. Spent the next 5 hours in total amazement and bliss. Looking in the mirror to find a stranger looking back! Very amazing experience.

nonaparry Thank you! I'm going to ask other guides to take a look; they may have some additional questions for you.

sozos Great. Thanks for all the time you've contributed to me :)

nonaparry Hi sozos, you have been confirmed by other guides. I am PMing you with next steps.
"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains—however improbable—must be the truth." ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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