Elena & Joan

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Elena & Joan

Postby nenad » Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:12 am


Thanks for sending these, Elena. Here are my answers:

1)There is no separate self, me or I anywhere in anyway. "I" is only a label, a thought. "I" does not exists nor has it ever.

2) The illusion of self begins with conditioning. As a small child we are taught that there is a "self" in the form of labels, identities that are given us by our parents at first. Then that "self" is expanded by society's label which we begin to identify with and attach to. For example, good girl, good student, good daughter, good wife, you are fat, you are skinny, I am rich, I am successful or unsuccessful. We begin to identify with these labels and that creates the "self". A self that doesn't exist and never existed. All that exists is life. Life living, a human, humaning. There are no labels to identify with anywhere, ever.

3) It feels liberating to finally see through this illusion. To know that "I" don't have to be anything other than what "I" am...life, living....a human, human-ing...a woman, womaning. LOL! There is no real difference before or after. Life is still living itself only now I don't have to strive to be anything other than that. No expectations of what life should be. Just living.

4) After going through a rough year, losing "control" of life I began to search. I found Shane and began taking his classes. Shane's direct pointing class helped me to see but there was some doubt. Then you came to Mesa and erased that doubt. It's just doubt and that will come and go like any sensation or emotion or thought. Doubt is only a thought. With the help of you and Shane I was pointed at what was right there the whole time. The illusion of self, the illusion of control.

5) There is no such thing as control or choice. Life happens on it's own. Control is another illusion created by our conditioning, our thoughts, our mind. Control doesn't exist.

6) The only thing to add to this dialog is a great big THANK YOU! Thank you to both you and Shane for doing this work.

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