how to have thoughts when working ?

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how to have thoughts when working ?

Postby Stephen » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:06 am

LU is focused guiding for seeing there is no real, inherent 'self' - what do you understand by this?
In addition to what I perceive as an external world, the entire anatomy of my body as well as all my thoughts, emotions etc are all relative to my mind which in turn is relative to my consciousness. That irreducible primary datum of my every experience is witnessed by the absolute. Hence there is no me in the entire process.

What are you looking for at LU?
I want to understand how I can apply the Nondual teachings (1) in my daily activities and (2) the dying process, death and post-death/life after death (for myself and others). For example, how can I make decisions when I am not supposed to have thoughts when I am busy at work ? If I choose one flavour of ice cream over another, am I not being dualistic ? It is no use dismissing the events after death as illusory, since the waking world is illusory but we still go through with it . What should I do about it ?

What do you expect from a guided conversation?
Guidance that is direct , relevant and clear. They can be of any length but they must be complete and have clarity and not perplexing. The guide must also be competent since I am placing my trust in him/her and I do not like to my trust to be abused.

What is your experience in terms of spiritual practices, seeking and inquiry?
I have been searching through all sorts of religions and spirituality for almost 39 years. I have ended my search in the Nondual traditions in general, with Dzogchen and Advaita Vedanta specifically.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how willing are you to question any currently held beliefs about 'self?

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Re: how to have thoughts when working ?

Postby StaffordJR » Tue Sep 17, 2019 8:41 am

Dear Stephen,
Hi my name is Stafford. Thanks for Your Patience & Apologies for the wait
¡ ! ¡
I would Love Too Be Your Guide however my only stipulation is we stay in what's Actually Happening !?!
This can't Be Known Intellectually or by thinking. Not by Words Labels Theories Ideas or Concepts, only in Direct Seeing can This Be Known ! ¡ !
If You are OK with my stipulation then We can start anytime !?! I work weird hours so it's much easier for me Too post between 12am 3am North Western Pacific time, I live in Northern Oregon so You have my time period.
Please post anytime that's easiest for You. Let's try & post every Day if possible to keep the momentum going until You See this Clearly !?! Let each other know if We do need a break !?!
So OK let me know if this sounds Right for You if not that's OK
Thank You & Sending Peace Love Life & Laughter Yours Truly Stafford

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