ego death? without an "I", who is liberated?

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ego death? without an "I", who is liberated?

Postby Gio » Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:20 am

LU is focused guiding for seeing there is no real, inherent 'self' - what do you understand by this?
Guides try to show an evidence that often goes unnoticed, i.e there is no pilot, no solid-dense-stable controller (decision maker). Life is just a free falling without any parachute, lever, handbrake.

What are you looking for at LU?
Complete Cleanliness.
A breakthrough that sweps up every trace of mondane and mostly spiritual gimmicks that in a way or another is still running in this cognitive-system.
For worldly/esoteric gimmicks I mean tendencies cultivated in the last years (except 2017, where the egoic identifications-believes seems quiete absent).
There is still a little-subtle undesirable sensation of being trapped in a never-ending dream. Even if "I" know there is no "I really trapped" and that is just an impression due to a lot of social-mental-conditioning. I understand is just a game, a joke, but sometimes is seems a very scary one :)

What do you expect from a guided conversation?
Honestly i feel very good with my no-self, with the spontaneous happening of everyting.
I'd like to dissipate - or let dissipate - the rest of the burden that appears to annoy this beautiful tranquility.

What is your experience in terms of spiritual practices, seeking and inquiry?
I lot of techniques (new age ones - Byron Katie + classic Ramana inquiry + SA of Jed Mckenna + Advaita neti neti + Za Zen, Dzogchen + DMT, magic mushrooms).
Really, i tested all i found.
The best practice was - of course - doing nothing and just let it be. Observation without judment (no analizing, labelling, try to understand).
It works, the contractions (often due to concepts) just disappear.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how willing are you to question any currently held beliefs about 'self?

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Re: ego death? without an "I", who is liberated?

Postby Andrei » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:42 pm

Hi Gio,

Welcome to LU. I would be happy to help you with the inquiry.

Before getting started, there is something you said that resonates with me a lot:
Life is just a free falling without any parachute, lever, handbrake.
And to me that is just beautiful.

Now, because you seem to be quite advanced in your inquiry I'm going to ask you straightforward, where exactly is the problem? Where are you stuck? That "sensation of being trapped", what is it about? Where is it located? what does it want?

I'm asking that just in case you need a push... off the cliff... without a parachute :D


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