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John Shirley
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Postby John Shirley » Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:19 pm

My name is John Shirley. I have been working with Ilona on the FB group page. She converted out conversation to a .doc. I am wondering if I can post that here as an intoduction and how to do it.

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Re: Intoduction

Postby Anki » Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:06 am

Let me check with Ilona on that, John. :)

Unleash yourself. Look, and look again. No self to unleash.

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John Shirley
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Re: Intoduction

Postby John Shirley » Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:51 pm

I signed up here but I did all my work on FB. I show green name tag, but I am in post gate groups and LU Central. Do I need to be on this site?

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Re: Intoduction

Postby Ilona » Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:32 pm

liberation unleahsed Gate on Facebook.

I feel as if I am no longer in a hurry. I truely enjoyed my weekend with my friends. I alway felt this calm behind whatever I am doing. I think I can really understand how Eckhart could have enjoyed sitting around on park benches for a couple of years. I kind of caught a little cold, so today there are a lot things constantly going on with my body. I a little trouble sorting out today. Now I feel like it is just the body doing its thing. I also have COPD. I quit smoking over 10 years ago. Not soon enough it turns out. Anyhow, I have some breathing problems to deal with. Again, just the body doing its thing. This finishes my statement about myself and am willing to go wherever you lead me, Ilona Ciunaite.
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Rohit Derasari Hi John, welcome to LU. How can we help you?
October 3 at 4:26pm via mobile · Like

John R Shirley I am seeking confirmation that I have passed through the gate. Did you read my posts or would you rather start over?
October 3 at 4:37pm · Like

Rohit Derasari Thank You John
October 3 at 5:21pm · Like

John R Shirley Thank you, Rohit.
October 3 at 5:40pm · Like

Ilona Ciunaite Hi John, thank you for introductions so you say, seeing happened and now you clear that the gate was crossed? What was the last push?
October 3 at 8:48pm · Like

John R Shirley It's been a week. I'm not sure. I would read a section before bed and then think about for it bit. I think it was understanding the body was just doing its thing also the emotions and thoughts. All unfolding in the present moment.
October 3 at 8:52pm · Like

John R Shirley I don't think I saw the present moment as being all that there is period.
October 3 at 8:54pm · Like

John R Shirley It seems as if there is no hurry anymore. I can just relax and let the moment unfold. I always felt like I was a little ahead myself and I needed to cathch up. I don't feel bored anymore.
October 3 at 9:04pm · Like

Ilona Ciunaite Sounds like a sweet place to be- no rush, no more 'what's next?'

So how would you answer from your experience, is there a separate self, was there ever?Is there an entity I?
October 3 at 9:16pm via mobile · Like

John R Shirley I don't see it anymore.What I thought was the self is just my body, thoughts, emotions running along doing their thing. If I feel mad I just look at it and realize that it is just a reaction and I don't have to follow it. There is no I to follow it. Life unfolding the present moment in front of me.
October 3 at 9:21pm · Like

John R Shirley It was never there before, just my thoughts about it.
October 3 at 9:24pm · Like

John R Shirley I have to leave for a couple hours. Talk to you later.
October 3 at 10:10pm · Like

Ilona Ciunaite No worries about coming back later, I'm here also on an off, we can continue talking like this.

Can you describe what happened, how did you see it, what was the last push? What made you look?

I'm going to sleep now...
October 3 at 11:42pm via mobile · Like · 1

John R Shirley What made the difference for me was the idea that the self is a construct for us to able to live our lives. I had previously seen that time does not exist and that the present moment is all there is. Time is constuct that helps us live our lives. The self helps make us human. The tree of knowledge. What was my life before the Fall. Complete intregration with the present moment. Jesus says that unless you become as little children you can not enter the kingdom of heaven. I could apply this to time, as little children do not have a concept of time. Now I had to dig much deeper and see that he meant the self before the child learned to see the difference between himself and others. The little child does not have a sense of self.So self became an illusion like time and the chain was broken.
October 4 at 4:17am · Edited · Like

John R Shirley Thank you Elena.
October 4 at 4:19am · Like

Ilona Ciunaite Great, thank you for answer. So how would you explain this illusion of separate self to someone curious about it? Describe it the best you can, when does it start, how it affects life, how seeing through it change perception.
October 4 at 10:44am via mobile · Like

John R Shirley BTW, Suzanne Foxton says Hi to both you and Elena with three hearts.
October 4 at 1:36pm · Unlike · 2

John R Shirley At first we were a blank slate full of trust and love. Then we began to learn about mommy and daddy and the other people who were around us. We began to be separate.We learned the names of things. Lables. We began to have opinions and at some point started a dialogue in our heads describing how we felt about every thing we saw.We became that dialogue.We lost track of that connection, full of love and trust, that we had before our journey to become ourselves.The truth is we have always searched for a way back. All our religions and practices are about finding a way back. Who knew that learning once and all for that the self is an illusion would be the answer. That the answer could be that simple, that like Santa Claus, the illusion, once learned was complete. No going back. What is it replaced with? Trust and love of the present moment. Life itself unfolding before us. We always understand what to do in that moment.The ultimate twist, as my friend Suzanne says.
October 4 at 2:49pm · Like

John R Shirley I never really got the Ultimate Twist until I dropped the illusion of self. I have been at the gate forever and never found a way through until I met Ilona and Elena.Then of course the gate was never really there.
October 4 at 2:54pm · Edited · Unlike · 2

Ilona Ciunaite Thanks for passing hello from Suzanne. Nice description. And yes the ultimate twist has been seen. So if you say I, me, what do these words point to? Is there a core to which experience happens?Do you exist?Please answer as you see.
October 4 at 11:58pm via mobile · Like

John R Shirley The body exsists. The thoughts, emotions and sensations exsist. The "I" does not. Life unfolds in the present moment. I see my life proceeding somewhat normally except from a different point of view. I don't know that I find a core, I think the body is enough.Whether I exist or any of it exsists is a bit of a conumdrum. I find it interesting that we each exsist from our own point of view and yet the whole thing exsits for all of us. There doesn't seem to be anything to hold it together. I guess its just life itself.
October 6 at 4:12am · Like · 1

Peter Signell All who comes to that point Will say the same thing and so liberation Will be recognised by its sheer clarity. Thank you John!
October 6 at 11:24am via mobile · Like · 1

Ilona Ciunaite John, how is it going? How is everything looking and is there any doubt at all that the gate was crashed?
Tuesday at 8:05am · Like

John R Shirley Sweet Ilona, the good times never have been so good. NO DOUBT. Thank you for the time you spent with me.
Tuesday at 2:25pm · Like

John R Shirley Ilona, it's been several days since I've heard from you, should I move on to the support group.

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